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Replacement Wing Ding trip is a GO!
Scott & Sheila Neurauter | 6/14/2020


With the cancelling of Wing Ding this year, I am thinking about doing a 4 day, 3 night trip into the drift-less area of southern Wisconsin.  We would leave on Wednesday, July 1 and be back on Saturday, July 4.  The tentative plan is a different hotel each night and about 200 (ish) miles of easy riding.  This should put us at the hotels in time for dinner (places to be determined later), and then a possible short evening ride of about 60 minutes if folks are interested.

There are some uncertainties for sure, and I understand that.  The biggest one is where to eat!  I know that some places are currently opening up, so it may not be as large of an issue in a month.  Right now I am just looking to get some feed back if people are interested in doing something like this.  Please let me know if you are interested at or send a text with your name to 651-354-8454 that you are interested.


UPDATE!!!  Hotels have been picked out and routes planned.  Expect to hear from me shortly if you said you were interested. 

July 1: Ride to Black River Falls WI and stay the night
July 2: Ride to West Madison and stay the night
July 3: Ride to Westby and stay the night
July 4: Head back home

If you are thinking about going, please let me know fairly soon – not sure if the hotels will fill up or not.


Scott Neurauter 

PS: Sorry about the repost, but when I went to add a comment the site decided to delete it instead :(