GWRRA Minnesota Chapter N

Gold Wing Road Riders Association


Did you know???
Chapter Directors Clarence and Lois Chapman | 8/18/2021

Did you know that Chapter N tracks our mileage. We are very proud to say that we have over 156,000 SAFE miles recorded so far.

I don’t feel that this is a true reflection of our safety and that our true safe miles is way above that. 

So I am asking that all member report their mileage that they started with this spring and report it to Scott Neurauter at the email listed below. Scott keeps track of each persons miles on a spread sheet and those mile are reported on our Website home page. 

At the end of the riding year then also report your ending miles to the same email address.      (This is not a link)

Thank you all for remaining safe when you are riding. 

 Clarence Chapman

GWRRA MN Chapter N Director